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About Us

Tianjin accompanied driving services limited mainly to serve just got a driver's license, or a driver's license but doesn't drive people for a long time, to one-on-one driving training training services, improve driving skills, teaching experience, strengthen the security ability, learn complex in driving road practical driving situations. Tianjin, Tianjin accompanied driving, accompanied driving, accompanied driving company in Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin automotive partner training accompanied driving prices, Tianjin accompanied driving company well, Tianjin multifaceted training which accompanied driving the best student pilot confidence. In the shortest time possible so that students become truly skilled driver.
Tianjin accompanied driving Services Limited has a variety of brand new Toyota Camry, Vios, Hyundai Elantra automatic transmission accompanied driving practice driving cars, and each car purchased insurance, auxiliary braking system with security. If you are in the vehicle during sparring accident, scratches, in violation of all liability we are responsible for, allowing you to practice driving safely and worry-free.
full-site transfers, one-on-one sparring partnership driving, caring service, sweet, clear, allowing you to quickly improve driving skills and techniques, life really feel the joy of driving. We will be tailored to the different needs of professional training courses. You want to be a good coach and a good training partner.