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Accompanied driving agreement

Party a: Tianjin letter accompanying car Services Ltd
b name: _____ b driver's license number: ________ license type:____  Tel:
to allow the party to drive out fear and reduce traffic accidents, friendly agreed by both parties in advance, according to the relevant regulations of the State, party a party b with accompanied driving agreement legally binding, specific matters of accompanied driving is as follows:
I, Accompanied driving object: staff of C2 or a driver's license in China, on the bus, required to produce a valid driver's license. (Or face the consequences)
Second, the accompanied driving costs: manual----Yuan an hour, automatic----Yuan an hour, owned cars----Yuan an hour,----hours each practice.
three, follow driving routes: party a party b an agreed place and time to party b free party, according to the party's actual combat training arrangement reasonably circuits.
four, accompanied driving time: get on at the party I started, to the end of the Park, if not keep, then according to the agreed time, if party a time due to traffic jams and other delays you must call in advance notice to party b, and make up time during accompanied driving.
v, single number of accompanied driving: one man, one car, staff not on the bus, if anyone should be informed in advance was accompanied by party a, after consent before they can get. VI method of payment: payment after the end of each accompanied driving, student funds to accompany accompanied driving driving collection, receipt and invoice please contact in advance in order to accompany Commissioner riding brought to you.
seven, and out of the car requirement: in principle on where to get off, get off if it proves necessary to change locations please consult with coaches in advance.
BA, Division of responsibility: automotive buys full insurance of accompanied driving vehicles every day, so you don't have to worry about security issues.
(a), party b in accompanied driving command under vehicle failure, crash, scratches and other vehicle damage accidents, all by the party responsible for reporting claims and vehicle maintenance, b need to truthfully cooperate with the party needed for the traffic Police Department in the claim document, dictated and transcripts.
(b), party a party b is not responsible for any compensation owned cars, but the party to meet the party handling insurance claims to the party.
(iii), b If you want to extend in accompanied driving time can be directly with accompanied driving consultation.
(d), b in accompanied driving temporarily off the car private launch vehicles or accompanied driving is in the car but refused to obey accompany drive command, caused entirely by the party responsible for the accident.
nine, next time booking: in order to protect your legal interests are protected, make an appointment next time direct contact with driving everyday reservation center: 0755-86654335. B not satisfied with Commissioner accompanied driving, accompanied driving may apply to a nail next to change the master at the end.
10, accompanied driving content: for students of current drive technology, targeted accompanied driving instruction.
main accompany driving content: automatically document driving fuel-efficient skills, and predictive brake habits, and manual document throttle clutch device tie, and manual document added reduction document and the fuel-efficient skills, and ramp started, and Tianjin area traffic identifies, and urban high frame driving, and overtaking, and parking, and place turn, and junction turned, and 8 glyphs turned, and complex (urban) road driving skills, and fast variable road method, and slow speed variable road method, and see mirrors judge to car speed and distance skills, and emergency situation problem processing, and L (parking garage) and s (side-side parking) entity reversing parking spaces, high flow, night driving feel and the lighting, automotive works, simple car maintenance and problem solving, vehicle claims processing choice of decorative objects, vehicles and so on.
11, other outstanding issues, the two sides may be increased based on agreement terms.
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