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New car, t-intersection should go from here?

I am a novice, the t-crossing pass still don't understand, I do not know how new traffic safety law is provided.
a: t-crossing traffic has always been hot topic for the motor vehicle driver, some think it can pass with no bar on the right side, some people considered impassable, and some say arrow light red light cannot pass through ordinary red light can pass through, sometimes appear in front does not walk, car horns after urging phenomenon. Therefore, the passage way to figure out a t-crossing is very necessary.
in recent years, the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, and many of the city's traffic flow has become saturated or hyper-saturated, traffic flow has changed from intermittent to continuous, especially at the intersection.
as parties ensure the intersection access fair, reasonable, uniform. People's Republic of China article 38th of the implementation of the law on road traffic safety (c) provides that: when the red light, and a ban on vehicle traffic.
---of vehicles turning right, without prejudice to being released under the condition of vehicles and pedestrians can access. That is only a right of access by vehicles can have a condition, straight and left turns are prohibited. Canceled the former People's Republic of China on road traffic regulations (repealed): t-shaped intersection no horizontal line on the right side of vehicles, without prejudice to being allowed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and traffic rules.
to sum up, we can conclude that after the implementation of the new law t-crossing when the lights (both arrow and the normal red light) straight is no bar to the right vehicles to stop at the stop line, are not allowed to pass. List of motor vehicle drivers to strictly comply with this new requirement. BACK