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Accompanied driving courses

Learn driving skills and experience----new must see

1: Add clutch using principles of reduction gear: speed slowly, speed up one notch slower, second gear can be slightly faster, more than three files can be easily lifted.
2: two document and the following brake Shi to first stepped on brake, speed reduction to bike speed Shi (probably 5-10km/h) left feet again moved to clutch pedal Shang also not late, many students including are fear flameout just stepped on is brake quickly on wants to stepped on clutch, actually no necessary, and habit this habits zhihou hard modified
3: three document downhill, master will let stepped on is brake deceleration, case speed had fast training during technology not skilled out dangerous, then do don't put clutch also stepped on down Oh, Some students often step subconscious I'm nervous, leading downhill slide gap, can also be very dangerous, very bad habits.
4: the clutch is always faster step on and step on the end, completely open to develop habits of left foot on the ground, don't always lying above the pedal, this nervous when stepped on, is very bad. Someone like a brake step on the clutch, flameout hadn't let go of fear, and so the clutch pedal spring break easily, Oh.
5: oil away from tie, started Shi clutch lift to spring automatically play up of place, is everyone mouth of separation points, 1/3 at, this location, flat Shang General to oil amount words (1200-1500 turned) front on will moving is, then let go brake, to oil, car open up of while slowly slowly of lift clutch on didn't problem has, and started of feel on has has, will very good. Hill, was a speed of 2000 RPM is the best, up front, don't clutch, right foot slightly further to some oil in front to move oil slowly lift the clutch can easily afford it. Hurry, or at the front will give big oil the first time slow lifting clutch can also put the car up, no problem. ;
6: the island often tense does not know to what port, it doesn't matter, in near the mouth is to the right of the date backwards way knew slogan, is the 3rd on the right, you go into 2nd, 4th straight, turn left out of the 1th, very easy to understand.
7: Bridge, ocean drive room there are two overpasses, Alfalfa leaf signs with the Word makes remembering the scissors around, as long as the left corner; not the then circular overpass.
8: into island playing left lamp, right turn quickly dial right lamp
9: out Island out bridge if has Center double yellow line, must dial left lamp into fast lane, remember o,
10: traffic lamp junction reduction document dial lamp and line deceleration, do to escape Middle symbol police of circle points points, sea driving of interchange is plane of, best in waiting for others drive of when in site inside more go go, familiar terrain.
11: the yellow line was never pressed, stop bumper must not pressure, even if left 3-5-meter distance is good. Not too close to the car in front, and keep a distance of 5 metres or more. Examination is the road, students also practice driving, give yourself room for good.
12: before entering the curve was reduced to 2, lose a little speed, access to the rear control wheel at the same time fuel out of corners. BACK