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Driving safety at night first observe traffic regulations are important

Night driving for the day, have been high risk, a little attention would lead to the occurrence of traffic accidents. In summer, due to the hot weather, many people are keen to avoid the sweltering day Huizhou, and the choice of more cool entertainment at night. However, relaxing at the same time, we should also pay attention to road safety go out driving at night, this is a wakeup call for the majority of bikers and pedestrians.
for the help of night driving jeep drivers about road safety, the column drivers master Leung was invited to visit. Beam master not only is taxi driver, also has near 20 years of driving age, to said Lee master on night City Road lane of experience, has cannot just with "rich" two a Word to described, other not said, light in, Huizhou city, Shang evening open rental has has 4, and 5 a year has, this, he also hope can for everyone provides some has value of reference.
compliance with regulations is important to master
beam introduced in urban road traffic at night, observe road traffic rules are the most important. Due to the city on the road to street lamps on the sides of roads, near the center line of the road was dark, in this case need to be very careful, paying special attention to pedestrian crossing from the left.
in addition, overtaking at night is also a very dangerous behavior is not compelling, best not to overtake. When overtaking, to accurately determine the situation ahead, increase the distance, confirm that the conditions are ripe, follow up with the vehicle in front and near continuous transform lighting, notice of vehicle collision avoidance, under judge vehicle has been way beyond is allowed to overtake. Properly used car
master LEUNG's proposal requires attention during night driving the 2nd is the proper use of car lights. He said that at night, the headlights are essential tools, special attention is not to open with fog lamps and headlamps. According to reports, on roads in the city, generally low beam lights to meet traffic demands, especially when more vehicles on the road, Kaiyuan lantern light opposite to the car drivers feel very uncomfortable, because someone disturbed sight easy problems. At the time through the intersection should be 50 to 100 metres from crossing speed, turning, and you want to open the turn signal signal direction simultaneously.
while, in no belt of road Shang, in and opposite car apart about 100 meters Shi, should will far light lamp into near light lamp; if other not modified near light, should immediately deceleration and continuous using transform far, and Chikamitsu of approach to motioned; if other still not change, is should deceleration by right parking avoid, do cannot with strong light on shot, so as not to caused accident.
keep the speed and distance
night driving and the most important thing is that the speed and distance between vehicles, beam said, mainly because the car accident occurred last year in Hangzhou, Zhejiang is caused by drivers speeding at night.
due to the small traffic at night, traffic disturbance was relatively small, pilots like speed, thus, believe it is likely the occurrence of traffic accidents. Master Leung said that in his own experience at night, when the transition from light to dark eyes is a process of transition, this time to reduce speed, especially in the corners, sloping roads, bridges and other places, should reduce speed and braking at any time to prepare.
in addition, the sight when driving at night than during the day, and often in danger, emergency situations, so the pilot must be prepared to stop. In this case, in order to avoid danger, pay attention to the increasing distance between to prevent vehicles before and after the collision.
not drunk or fatigued
to say to drive most valuable experience over the years, master Leung said the trick is "safety first". Driving at night should be safe, never drive drunk or tired.
because night driving fatigue sleepy tired should stop and rest in a timely manner, not to continue driving. In addition, night entertainment friends like going out for supper, drank beer, this time will be very careful not to drink and drive, which not only is not allowed by traffic laws, but also will bring to the bikers their own adverse consequences envisaged in not.
in short, night driving conditions more complicated, drivers should acquire knowledge and skills on the basis of keeping the high concentration of attention, be careful driving, safe driving. BACK