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I wonder how many child restraint car safety device?

For those restless by nature, often playing in the workshop, there are particularly keen on front passenger side of baby at the time of purchase, should pay attention to what safety device eliminate hidden dangers of deep for the angels?
child safety seat
most common safety equipment is first child safety seat, it is the additive specifically designed for infant and child restraint car seat, usually by the car seat belt in the rear seat. For the active nature of the personality of the child, installing a child safety seat in the car it is necessary, will to a large extent, eliminating some risks when a child in a stroller. Seating card
safety/> at present, many families with children in the car when considering purchasing child safety seats, but some of the older models are not equipped with this type of fixture, to retro-fitting of the car seat you need seat belts fixed. Now, some manufacturers design a more humane and caring. Some models have standard child safety seat fixing device, can be directly installed child safety seats. While some vehicles have set aside in accordance with the standard of child safety seat installation location, and the ability to meet the car seat forward and backward mode.
to turn off the airbag
it is well known that when airbags protect the safety, played a big role. However, some airbags in some extent apply only to adults, and is not safe for children. Control switch airbag has been produced, some equipped with airbag locking device of the car, the owner can always lock a airbag, after unlocking, the air bag can still be used normally. Notes on learn, many models have more safety devices, such as Deputy air bag locking function. Pair of airbags after locking, can prevent the air bag is ejected at high speed under the driver's seat the child's injury. In addition, some cars fitted with two-stage airbags and open based on the impact strength of a grade I and grade II air bags.
anti-gripping power Windows
curious, restless is the nature of children, they will break the Windows, then problem came. Anti-gripping power Windows was born. It is understood that anti-gripping power Windows in closed glass when they meet an obstacle is no longer rising, this will not only protect the glass broken and prevent children from being injured. Adjustable height
children of different ages, because of differences in body size, you will need an adjustable belt. Adjustable height seat belt can be adjusted in the seat next to the fixed point is at its highest position (usually on the b-pillar), riding on the shoulder of the person to accommodate different body heights, make for a valid location, so as to provide effective protection for who has lost all. Control of children
behind in order to prevent children from opening the doors, most models are now equipped with a special locking function at the back door.
Moms and dads, families can consider when choosing vehicles to install the security configuration, strings on traffic safety for children. Has the safety device should be a prerequisite for select models. BACK