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Driving at night bearing in mind several considerations

Cars traveling at night, to examine in due course the instrument work. Driving at night to view the dashboard is mainly to listen to and watch, observe any abnormal sound engine and chassis or abnormal odor. To maintain speed, pay attention to increase the following distance, prepared to stop, to prevent car collision accident occurred before and after.
in the city, pay attention to the pedestrian crossing from the left. When driving at night, should be used when speed is below 30 km/h low beam lights, lights out 30 metres away. Speed is more than 30 km/h, you should use the high beam lights, light must shine out of 100 metres away.
on a road with a street light, anti-glare lamp or light can be used and the width lamp, night-time driving through the intersection should be 50-100 metres from the crossing speed and high beam lights to low beam lights and open the turn signal signal direction.
car at night usually don't use the Horn, and often uses the popular light repeatedly swap method, instead of warning the road conditions ahead. While driving at night the temporary parking or parking should always open width lamp, license plate light. Driving at night should try to avoid overtaking must when overtaking, front should accurately identify, confirm the conditions are ripe, follow up with the vehicle in front, near continuous transform lighting (if necessary to horn to match), notice the vehicle collision avoidance, does make way to allow Judge vehicle passing, overtaking, overtaking should be appropriately increased in distance.
car at night did not look bad, the road sector, and deviations from the normal trajectory the vehicle encountered an unexpected measures or not. Drivers should reduce speed to increase the observation, decision-making and response time. When reversing or turning, must get off the advance and retreat to find out the terrain, and around the security boundary, and then reversing or turning, stay in the inlet and, in the case of can not see the target, flashlight or other light available. BACK