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Car was very hurt to watch several injured car parking methods

No driver would admit to "no parking". Sometimes, however, since the moment you stop, it is destined to hurt, this is because you did not choose a good parking place. To do this, journalists based on actual experience and experience of many owners, car parking methods summarized the following injury.
put car stopped in has buildings of balcony and window Xia
such parking, just into has upstairs habits bad and wicked people of "bullet range" range, light is threw a cigarette, and Peel like of, heavy is threw a fruit nuclear, and waste battery like of, met windy rain days falls tablets glass and pot what also not fresh, such caused of consequences imagined has. In addition, in the summer the air outlet of the outdoor unit drops of water, it's easy to get in the paint on the car, leaving marks can be hard to wash, perhaps to Polish or wipe with sand wax.

next to the car in the car people, like attracts like. Cars are no exception, you park your car on other poor old do not know next to the car is the first of several hands, unbalanced and hating too poor owners is easy on your hands. Best bet is to park your car next to the car is better than yours, to transfer risks to others.

park under the trees as we all know, birds in the trees, the birds butt, butt out of bird droppings, "Kipper" respray your car with a bad luck. You know, bird droppings but is corrosive and not processed in time the paint will leave a scar. Currently there are no birds in the trees, some fruit trees fall in a season, some trees will drip the mucous, and the tree is easier to left bird droppings, which are corrosive, without timely treatment, the paint will leave a dark mark on.

parking parking in the low-lying, sunny little influence on rainy days, some bad sections of the drainage system, water may accumulate very deep, maybe after the storm, your car becomes a love boat.
Park on irregular pavement
can often be seen in the urban areas, a car across the sidewalk and bicycle lane, obliquely parked on the roadside, stopping seemingly "safe", but also hurt car. On some vehicles parked for a long time in the rugged site, resulting in four-wheeled drop too much, time frame will twist, in serious cases, will affect the normal switch doors. Compared with the most damage, deformation of body framework is the most irreparable vehicles "aging" symptoms. BACK