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Night driving four body cleaning methods

1, the driver drove to the special concentrate, concentrate, there can be no slack and careless.
2, fast as car speed, drivers are required to strictly control the speed, according to traffic signals go traffic flow, not free or change lanes to overtake.
3, pay attention to crossing pedestrians and bicycles. In heavier traffic areas of the city, often pedestrian or bike when gap across the fleet, drivers on the surrounding pedestrian and vehicle dynamics to make the right judgments.
4, poor night vision, so should always pay attention to the vehicle ahead, keep distance and avoid front emergency brake. Non emergency situations generally do not emergency braking to prevent car crash.
5, the correct use of lighting. General driving on the road with a street lighting, use only the low beam lights.
6, just near dusk, lights not lit, the human eye can't adapt to external light, often in the twilight, the time period is most likely to cause accidents. At this time, the drivers have to pay special attention to pedestrians standing in the middle of the road crossing, so as not to use the high beam light to your eyes can not see the road ahead, accidentally wounded pedestrians. Case study: November 28, 2007 around 18 o'clock, on a street in a North and South of the city to the Sun woman driving a horse 6 sedan, speed of around 50 km/h, due to more traffic near the roadside, she was near the middle of the road, at this time, due to vehicles driving lamps lights in his eyes, she has not see ahead. However, she did not slow down, just 20 meters in front of her driveway, there was an old man cross the road. Only when the lady from the old Sun near the emergency brake, but it was too late, old carefree nature was hit and died on the spot. Afterwards, the woman said, "did not see the middle of the road".
in night driving, the road is very difficult to judge, because of the low visibility at night, poor sight, no obvious reference, often creates the visual illusion and error, it requires drivers to concentrate under light irradiation distance, surface color, engine sounds, speed changes and body of case road conditions, speed bumps.
night driving skills.
1, and at dusk, people's eyes could not adapt to external light, is most difficult to judge on the way, pedestrians and motor vehicles are complex, the driver will try to slow down, pay great attention to pedestrians and vehicles on the road. There has always been the car does not change the low beam lights, and even deliberately use the high beam light in your eyes, you can't tell what's ahead. At this time, you cannot be emotional, not "taste" approach and the other odds, you have to be calm, to have "little neglect may breed a" State of mind, slow down or pull over.
2, at night time, fewer pedestrians and vehicles on the road, drivers are accustomed to external light, vision will get better and better, with popular lighting can increase the speed of light. However, the drive must be in accordance with the regulations and the travel speed, try not to get too close to the road. Because sometimes there are pedestrians near the roadside or no lighting equipment of the vehicle, there may be obstacles.
3, a road lined with trees on roads, concentrating the light, can make the pavement bright, clear line of sight, also easy to determine road conditions and identify the road side car. And when both sides of the road when there was no any concentrated, reference, lights easy light, light Dim, visibility is low. At this time should be to reduce the speed, according to the circumstances of light beam in pavement, observed on the road marking, there are no curved lines, break. Bend line note bend, beheading at the intersection. At this point, you must slow down. No crossed roads, according to judge light beams. Pavement is generally black, the road outside is black, as light shines on the road from black to grey to black, potholes or water may occur, light may turn or uphill from far to near, beam changed from near to far you may as a slippery slope.
4, as far as possible to avoid passing at night, must be when overtaking, near continuous transformation, to inform the vehicle, determine front gave way after overtaking is allowed, then overtaking, scanning left and right rear-view mirror and light to prevent forced after overtaking. In case of car after overtaking signal is given, first through the rear-view mirror to observe the rear case, confirm the right rear when there is no car, then turn right turn, slowly pulled into the driveway, bearing in mind the front of vehicle dynamics.
5, the prohibition of driver fatigue. At night, when traffic on the road less, the road gradually quietens down, drivers could not observe the scenery on both sides of the road, less exciting, also due to clock causes, so night driving fatigue. If fellow staff can talk the way spirit such as attendant to sleep more easily lead to driver fatigue, germination of sleepiness. In that case, if you feel uncomfortable, you should pull over immediately, wash face with cold water or bays in the safety rest. If you can't lift the spirit, only the nearest place to rest. This situation must not interfere, forcibly.
6 and summer when night driving, paying special attention to both sides of the road the cool staff. Some elderly people in a blazing summer, always in small groups to cool off down the road or sitting or lying down, worse with children road play. Case: a driver open with a car Santana car, sent one offsite led home Shi, returns units way, has to has night nine o'clock, line to a crossroads, right turn Hou driving about 50 meters, due to on has always been car, far light lamp as of himself eyes cannot distinguish road, and worried and on has always been car hanging wipe, on as near roadside driving, also no deceleration, just roadside has several elderly shade, until found ahead was Shi has late, brake than, results caused a died two injured of major traffic accident. BACK