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Driving well and you know the way a variety of "injustice" in violation of

Driving school not taught of knowledge (5) road various "cause" of illegal
saying "often in river side go which has not wet shoes", this sentence words on we these often drive of driver more applies, most driver friends are how many because some "problem" was penalty, like speed or illegal parking like of, but some road illegal situation in we brain in the of impression not deep so in illegal of when without informed, even was police Uncle caught a existing of when also repeatedly called "cause". Today we'll look at the various "wrong" traffic violations.
1, on-street parking without accountability for
you when this condition is most common in ordinary driving, send individual or individuals, such as we are used to the parking on the roadside waiting, but you have to have a bike or unguarded pedestrian hit in your car, you may be out of luck. If he says okay fine, if he is injured or hit your car related items damaged not only pedestrians or ride on their own cannot compensate you, you will have to compensate them.
after reading it you will say, why so bossy, he bumped into me, and made me pay for his. This make, road traffic security method 76th article, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle driving people, and pedestrian Zhijian occurred traffic accident, non-motor vehicle driving people, and pedestrian no fault of, by motor vehicle party bear compensation responsibility; has evidence proved non-motor vehicle driving people, and pedestrian has fault of, according to fault degree appropriate reduce motor vehicle party of compensation responsibility; motor vehicle party no fault of, bear not over 10% of compensation responsibility.
we also consulted legal experts on the issue, experts say: the best way to avoid this is waiting for someone or temporary stop when finding parking, or take the next go, parked on the longer you have, the greater the risk.
we would like to remind you, if you need a temporary on-street parking, be sure to look left and right rear-view mirror, no pedestrians, looked outside the car, check the security line after parking.
related penalties under the law on road traffic safety, parking will be fined 200 yuan in fines.
2, temporary number plates are not hanging
many friends who had just bought a new car makes this with temporary license plate is a piece of paper, hang hang for the police has no time to talk to you. After the official license plates down, a lot of people don't put the official number plate on the car, doing the most important thing is that police, surveillance cameras do not see you, all kinds of regulations.
people do day in, I despise this kind of behavior, there is an official number plate hanging, if the official number plate is not down, in accordance with the requested temporary number plates as required in the position required, if the temporary number plates had expired to apply for, that there is no room for negotiation.
temporary number plates such as flying even when your car is in a traffic accident when, even if you have no responsibilities, also found violations by the police to be punished.
: according to the law on road traffic safety on the 95th road motor vehicles was not flying the vehicles ' license plates, do not place the conformity inspection mark or insurance sign, or no vehicle carrying driving license, driving license, the public security organs traffic management authorities should detain a motor vehicle, notify the party concerned provides corresponding certificate, logo or go through the proper procedures, and a fine of 200 Yuan.
3, not in accordance with the high speed lane speed high speed
how much km speed limit? 90km or 120km per hour per hour? According to the relevant regulations of the State, the highway speed limit to 120km/h. But please note, here is a speed limit of 120km per hour, in the midst of our real-world driving, each high-speed every lane, every block has a different speed limit. General domestic high speed lane would be 120km per hour speed limit on the inside, to the outside lane after speed decreases.
in accordance with the design, as long as we follow the lane speed limit did not become open? Also not has what speed of things occurred, but now road construction too fast has, many road even even life in around of people also not familiar, so GPS of using frequency on increasingly high, but now of GPS will has a disadvantages is cannot judge out you where of lane, so it of limited speed tips often is to the article high-speed road of highest limited speed design of, then on will appeared not according to road requirements of limited speed driving and appeared speed of situation.
"GPS does not tell you how much speed for each lane is"
in this case, our advice is in the use of GPS in case identification of the better view of the road, that we see that machines are more reliable. In addition, the highway will cross the road on the bridge or culvert setting speed probes should pay attention to when you travel to these speed limit warning ahead of brakes to slow down.
related penalties under the law on road traffic safety, in excess of the prescribed speed limit below 50% will be fined 200 Yuan fine and 3 points; speed limit speed by more than 50% will be subject to a fine of 1000 Yuan, 6 points of processing and serious situation we can revoke driver's licenses.
4, curb car wash cause parking
This is one of the things I experienced, Spring Festival this year, I'm going to go out to my car wash car wash, we all know people who wash the car before the Spring Festival, I was washing the car parked on the roadside waiting for the queue, this first and it still took 30 minutes. Queries that I used vehicle violation records a few days after, I found there was a violation was parked and punishment date is the day washing my car, put I saw nobody at that time, did not know why until I go to pay a fine.
punishment parking now is not necessarily to put lists, remote-controlled camera can capture a parking (vehicle licence). The principle is simple, the camera sweeps over a no parking area, from time to time after sweeping over the same area, if the same twice swept the car parking in this piece is regarded as illegal.
here, when going to the car wash in the future also to pay attention to that happening, especially some roadside car wash, when your car is parked on the roadside when car washing is likely to be in violation of the. In addition, we do not recommend that you go roadside car wash, not only environmentally unfriendly and they use car shampoo is likely to damage your paint. BACK