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Don't wipe the fog while driving to teach you how to mist

Winter alternating, Changsha air humidity increases, some owners start trouble cropped up on the windscreen and window fog. Many people with a paper towel or cloth, which is very dangerous in the driving process. Fog in many ways, combines sometimes used to very good effect. Air conditioning systems
mist-air conditioning
mist is common practice. Open the cold wind to blow glass, fog effects are directly. But the people will feel very cold inside, moisture inside the car if not dispersed, the mist will soon appear on the glass. Using hot air blowing glass is better than using cold wind, but the effect is slower than air. When hot water drying up in the vehicle, the glass will not fog for a long time. First hot air in a standstill, and then picked up the cloth is best. In addition, the traffic during the opening cycle can also to some extent, prevent the fog produced.
except the windscreen, the side Windows would fog, fog will affect on the front side window driver rear view mirrors. Car now has a separate side window air outlet blows the front row, but its generally low, if the effect is not obvious, you can turn off two central air outlet, this allows both sides of the air outlets for greater air volume. Convection
window/> if the fog is unlikely, the air temperature outside the car is not very low, on both sides of the window can be lowered part, let the car air convection, the temperature inside the car slowly close to outside temperature, fog will disperse. Fog blending

detergent class "anti-fogging agent" to prevent fog has been known by many people. 1:10 about dish detergent and water, then use cotton wool or a clean, soft cloth dipped in it can be applied on the inside of the front and rear windshields, to dry and then wipe off residue on the inside of the glass of the watermark. Use with air conditioning would be better. BACK