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The Ministry of public security launched 17 new rules on driving test

The Ministry of public security traffic management Bureau has launched 17 measures, stricter driver examination and certification, roads, education and management work requirements, and the implementation of the new rules on April 1 and October 1 as the node. 17 in the new rules, on the theory exams increase exam topics, large and medium goods vehicles increased complex road conditions, small cars increase the test night lights use content concerned.
, Jinhua City Public Security Bureau traffic police examinations section officials believe that purpose of the new rule, mainly in order to increase the difficulty of driving test, enable students to acquire more knowledge, methods and techniques, prevention and reduction of traffic accidents. City driving school staff said new regulation contributes to driving further regulating the teaching process and improving the quality of drivers ' training.
new rules: the van driver theory test 50 increase road safety in general knowledge exam questions, exam form of situational judgment, accident analysis, exam contents include road safety knowledge, professional knowledge, driving conditions, emergency safety and rescue. Provinces to local conditions while increasing 10% of the topic, and different periods of change updated quarterly examination.
it is understood that the present theory test content is mainly road traffic safety knowledge, limited to identify road signs, traffic laws, master mechanical, etc, to drive ethical knowledge, poor conditions driving, emergency safety and accident rescue is less involved, leading some drivers encounter unexpected situations, accidents do not know how to handle it.
", for example, many drivers lack of medical knowledge, in relief of traffic accidents often cause secondary damage in the injured because of the method, or because they do not understand the method of artificial respiration and chest compressions, missed the first rescue time. Therefore, the theoretical exam questions necessary added safety common sense, is also very practical. "City traffic police examinations section said that the database currently being developed in the province of, prepared after questions to the increases in the van driver theory test questions.
new rules: all traffic fatalities occurred, to driver examination, certification, testing, pavement management responsibility to check the links. Monthly analysis of 3 years driving experience driver will have the primary responsibility for traffic fatalities of the above, informed the administration of road transportation training agency quality check, exam pass rate rank, training hours, reduced training projects, participate in the sale of driver's license case, suspended candidates registered for the application.
17 in the new rules, responsibility investigation system is one of the highlights. Jinhua owner Cao Yang said: "it will drive more and more people, but did not rule out some people out of the driver's license is a mix, as we will have a ' street killer ' sitting on her car, I stress than her. Responsibility to check the measures ' to force ' and driving schools have better warning, urging them to strictly, improve the quality of training. "
However, people in the industry on the implementation of the responsibility system was not optimistic. A driving school in the urban area and a coach thought: "responsibility of retrogradation is not new, before the provisions in this regard, this measure is OK, but in the process of implementation, the operation is difficult. "
new rules: application timing training management system, starting from April 1 this year for medium and large vans driver training, October 1 for automobile driver training, timing training driving schools will not be able to test is not used. Meanwhile, for the convenience of the masses choose excellent driving school for training of high quality, local public security traffic management departments will monthly publicize the driving school training, exam pass rate, 3 years driving experience driving traffic rates and traffic accident rates and other information, a driving training quality open rankings, and in conjunction with the road transport authority voted best driving school.
in March 2006, the city had already begun to use the driver timing IC card management system for training and for problems exposed in the process, upgrade of this system, it is reported that the system is likely to be upgraded in the near future to further improve the driver training timing IC card management system in the city.
according to understand, I City currently total 51 home driving school, for these driving school of students exam rate, police sector monthly are to for statistics, and ranking, like this year January of theory test rate statistics in the, best of driving school up 98%, worst of for 89%; pile test rate highest of for 94%, minimum of for 71%; road test rate highest of for 97%, and minimum of for 81%......
industry people think, put the home driving school of exam rate to social announced Hou, Help trainees more intuitive and complete understanding of the driving school, so they can easily choose best driving school and this on various driving schools to improve the quality of teaching is also a motivator.
new rules: the driver of a car road test to set the test routes by not less than 3, randomly selected for examination, and a computer evaluation and manual evaluation mode. Large and medium sized vans to make night driving test all, small cars to increase the simulated lighting test.
it is understood that motor vehicle driver examination centre in our city has 6 test routes, for the interviewer randomly. In the previous test, small night lights use Simulator is not a necessary item, examination the examiner are extracted and some trainees, new regulations required all small cars to lighting tests, should be good for the drivers, you can regulate the use of traffic lights at night from the source used.
new rules: for medium and large van drivers will be the continuous sharp road bends, water near cliffs, snow day, wet road driving examination, mountains, tunnels, steep, complex conditions such as highway-road driving test.
for this measure, interviewed several driving schools say "space hardware is not enough", "do not meet the requirements" and "maneuverability is not strong."
was introduced, according to driver training curriculum requirements, students should understand the highway, mountain road, bridge, tunnel driving method and considerations about rain, fog, snow and ice pavement, Frost road, Wade, the construction characteristics of the bad condition of roads and driving methods. But in the actual process of teaching, under some special conditions and special weather conditions it is difficult to simulate, students will not be able to conduct the training.
"according to regulations, the coach car on the highway, where students go to practice, how to test? Expressway is built to our own at school for students to practice car? "A driving school owner said.
but from the municipal traffic Police Department was informed that according to the deployment in the province, the city may want to create a new training Simulator for motor vehicles, motor vehicle driver examination centres on the basis of additional continuous sharp road bends, water precipice, snow day, wet road driving simulation sites, including a 2-km simulated highway. "This investment is high, also now under consideration, if you build it, students can go there to practice, better and actual driving sections, of practice. ” BACK