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Accompanied driving courses

Why do beginners need to accompany drive?

1. for obtaining a driving licence for novice drivers friends, learned from driving school easy pavement driving skills, limited by site conditions, is not sufficient to meet the current needs of domestic road traffic conditions. In addition, drivers are skilled, not enough practice time to do security, unsafe on the road in a hurry. Combined with the growing full of motor vehicles, combined with the speed of road reconstruction, as well as non-vehicle mixed traffic conditions, how can we as soon as possible the application of theory to actual driving to the driving conditions require, must be made by the professional technical guidance to help you out. This process should be accompanied driving. Through accompanied driving you will get not only the basic operation of a vehicle guidance and assist you from more important psychologically get enough improvement, skill, experience, are you really comfortable ride cars, fun to drive the most simple and efficient way.
2. Statistics show that new drivers on the road accident rate in 6 months reached 70%, scratch 85%, damage 14.5%, personnel injury, 0.5% per capita losses of more than 2000 Yuan (net of insurance and paid). Driving experience of 1 year later, greatly reducing the accident rate, only about 3%. That is, if the rearview, continue to improve driving skills, get some road experience before setting out, can reduce losses at the same time, greatly reduces the risk of accidents. BACK