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Readers ask Chiang: I just got a driver's license, can you tell me how to overtake safely?
editorial: in everyday driving, overtaking the more common refers to vehicles travelling on the same lane, and car after overtaking behavior. However, the overtaking driver's view was obscured, vehicles and pedestrians each other properly, causing traffic accidents.
, according to statistics from the Beijing Municipal traffic control departments, major traffic fatalities caused by hog overtook was outstanding. In 2001, 25, killed 33 people in 2002, 38, killed 45 people in 2003, and 22, 22 people died in 2004 and as at July 1 a total of 5, 5 people died. Playback
-accident forced pass raised three-car chain collision
15:35 April 22, 2004, go Honda passenger car driven by a driver, Sun Road to Miyun when MU Jia Yu Zhen Jing Shao fen village, feel in front of a car licence trucks in Inner Mongolia speed is too slow, turn to the left, forcing overtaking. Unexpectedly, just over truck Sun, suddenly found the car brakes in front, followed by a foot brake to the end of super white truck drivers seeing this, quickly hit the brakes while dodging to the left.
at, coincides with the Miyun County driver Jiang a driving a car Southeast van head-on drove to, due to incident suddenly, big truck right car first and Sun of minivan phase scraping Hou, left Qian Department and and Jiang a of van left collided, van immediately was hit out more than 10 meters far Hou side turned, van within of a name ride people spot death, driver Jiang a was injured, another 3 name ride people also different degree by has injury, three car car are serious damaged.
-accident analysis: force overtaking in the accident, the accident
, limousine driver, Sun in the absence of observed the opposite case, rash overtaking, suddenly in front brakes emergency brake in the case, resulting in Super trucks Dodge minivan collided with the van. It should be said that ignorance of safety distance, forcing overtaking is a cause of the accident.
How to do safe overtaking, it is necessary to know the overtaking of some basic common sense. According to expert estimates, at the time of passing, opposite to the car if it is 50 kilometers per hour, overtaking is 50 km, 150 metres away from the two cars and two vehicles to meet just 5.7 seconds. In other words, you must be less than 5.7 seconds overtaking; otherwise, they are in danger of collision between two vehicles, causing irreparable damage. He wishes first of all to take fully into account and meet across the car and each other's speed. While estimate is overtaking the speed is much faster by overtaking, passing more quickly ask, odds of a meet opposite the vehicle safety distance will be longer. In that case, it is best not to overtake.
-legal provisions: four species cannot overtaking of case
road traffic security method clear provides has four species cannot overtaking of case: a is front of car is left turn, and turned or overtaking process in the of; II is and opposite to car has passing may of; three is front is implementation emergency task of police, and fire engine, and ambulance or engineering recovery car, for rushed to the site, and rescue relief, and rescue life and guard important guard object of; four is in complex of sections, as via cross junction, and crosswalk, and railway crossing And narrow bridge, down a steep grade, or the wind, rain, snow, fog, overtaking is not allowed with up to 30 meters visibility. (Feng) BACK